Snowboarding Fun

Every year at Peak Adventures, we eagerly anticipate the snow season. Personally, this year I can’t wait. I finally have all my gear and I have convinced myself I will become a “boarder” before the season is over. I got the snowboarding “bug” 2 seasons ago and bought some used gear from a friend. I am an athlete, so I figured I would pick it up pretty easily, especially since I was bringing a few good friends with me. I could not have been more wrong. First of all, my friends ditched me at the top of this massive mountain, while I yelled after them “How do I stop?!” This began a day of face plants and front flips. I had no instruction and I could not make it down that hill for the life of me. Finally, after a few hours of embarrassing, painful rides down the mountain, I made it to the bottom without falling (although I have yet to master getting off the lift). So what do I do? I yell elatedly to my friend in line, and fall over. I was so excited!
That feeling of accomplishment drove me to attempt snowboarding a few more times that season, with different friends of course :)
I had a new activity that I loved, however, I wasn’t really wasn’t feeling that love back from the sport. The drive time wasn’t bad, but the gas was. It was so expensive; it prevented me from boarding last season. I also was exhausted after every day and dreaded the drive home. My arms were like jell-o, my legs, spaghetti, and my brain was kaput. Plus I was frustrated that I hadn’t really improved. Luckily, all that will be changing this year. I will be utilizing Peak Adventures; we offer very reasonable prices on how to learn to ski and snowboard. Better yet, the price includes the latest gear, gasoline, an instructor, and a ride up and back. Now I can enjoy the fun of snowboarding without any of the painful side effects. I will be taking advantage of our awesome deals and if you have a passion to learn snowboarding or skiing, and you have friends like mine, come with me on a PEAK ADVENTURE!


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