Its a Tent Season

If you have ever used a tent you might have noticed that season rating such as 3 season and 4 season. Do you really know what those rating really mean? Here is a quick breakdown for the difference between these ratings. Most tents have a 3 season rating. A 3 season tent rating says that the tent will protect the person from the weather found during the three seasons of Spring, Summer, and Fall. As you noticed that the 4th season, Winter, is not included in the rating. During these three seasons you can experience wind, rain, heat, cold, bugs, dirt, some snow and whatever else you can think of. A 3 season tent can be used easily during these seasons depending on the quality of the tent. A 4 season tent is built for snow conditions with colder temperatures, where as if it was used during warmer temperatures there may be complications with ventilation. I hope this quick little explanation helps with understanding the tent season rating.



Tina Balk said…
Wow! You learn something new every day. I have been camping for thirty years and always wondered why I froze my tushie off in the winter ... looked at my tent and what do you know it's a 3. Thanks for the explanation Matt!

Any suggestions on what brands to look at for a 4 season tent?

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