6 Perks of Being a Peakie

6 Perks of Being a Peakie 

(The Perks of working at Peak Adventures)

By Ellen Oberting 

1.   You get PAID to work on a Challenge Course

Working on a challenge course isn’t your average day job. You don’t sit at a desk and start to nod off looking at your computer screen hoping for the day to be over. Every day is different because you interact with so many different people from the community. You get to lead games, what we call initiatives, and see how different teams are able to work together to solve a problem. There is never a dull moment on the course!

2.   You get to try new outdoor activities

If you’re the adventurous type (or secretly want to be), Peak Adventures is the perfect place to try new outdoor activities. For instance, I had never been white water rafting. Because of Peak Adventures, I have been on the river at least six times by now, and each time I go I get a rush of adrenaline! Another thing I had never done was snowshoeing. Never even knew that was a thing until I started working for Peak Adventures! I would say it is the most relaxing and most peaceful active outdoor activity. You’re wearing extra big shoes so no one expects you to go fast! It’s a leisurely stroll through the fluffy snow. I would highly recommend Castle Peak in the winter time!

3.   You learn some public speaking skills (a MUST for college presentations)

Do you find talking in front of crowds intimidating? Have no fear, Peak Adventures is here! Think of it this way, you’re probably not going to see these same participants again after the program is over, so what does it matter if you stumble over your words or forget to mention something? You have a great team to back you up and help fill in the gaps.

4.   You get to go to the Western Regional Outdoor Leadership Conference (WROLC)

The Western Regional Outdoor Leadership Conference (WROLC) happens once a year and is hosted by a different campus each year. For 2017, it was UC Santa Barbara. For 2018, it was University of Redlands. Each year Peak Adventures has provided transportation as well as gear and discounted tickets. What’s included at WROLC? Training and informational classes that are led by fellow outdoorsy students (like Doug from Peak Adventures leading a tree climbing class), food during the conference, a keynote speaker, camp style lodging, and other activities. Peak Adventures decided to leave a day and a half early so that we could spend the night in Joshua Tree National Park and then get some outdoor rock climbing in (one route is even called Sexy Grandma)!

5.   There are yearly gatherings such as a retreat in January, appreciation BBQ in the June, and Holiday party in December

There is a retreat in January where Peak Adventures rents a cabin for all the Peakies to stay in. Food is included as well as fun and games! There’s also a chance for everyone to check in on how Peak Adventures is doing and what to expect in the upcoming year.
The appreciation BBQ is held after Spring semester lets out where all the Peakies can hang out, enjoy good food, and be recognized for their good work. Some awards include Peakie of the Year, You Can Count on Me Award, and Mentorship Award. The awarded Peakies are given a sweet goodie bag along with the framed award. The Holiday Party is a laid back tradition with some delicious chili and cornbread. There’s a white elephant gift exchange and much merriment.

6.   And finally… the people you work with!

The people that make up Peak Adventures are the most genuine group I have ever met. We all get along, we help each other learn, and we have fun! Each Peakie has a story (or ten) he or she could share with you about Peak Adventures. We create memories together and we help each other destress from outside life and school work. So why wouldn’t you want to be a Peakie?


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