NEW FEATURE - ASK A MECHANIC and the first question from Ashley

Our Bike Shop has always been a go-to place for bike maintenance advice. Many students, cycling groups, and just pure enthusiasts come into the shop for service, gear or just to learn new ways to keep their best friend BIKE running in top shape.

We always have people asking for bike resources, product reviews, maintenance and riding tips. With ever growing popularity of our Bike Shop, we realize that friendly advice and good tips are hard to come by in other places, so we decided to create a free and readily available resource for you. Just email any time, and ASK A MECHANIC what you want to know.

And this week, we get to kick of this service with a response to Ashley.

Thanks for your inquiry Ashley. Yes, we do stock a variety of white front lights and red rear lights on a regular basis. Ryan, one of my experienced mechanics, just posted some additional information on the lights for you. The price varies and I’m assuming you are a student so you could show your One Card at the time of purchase and receive a 10% discount. We also fix flats and offer a full range of other mechanical services here at Peak Adventures as well. A tube will run you $ 4 to $8 depending on type of tube and we charge $5 dollars to do the repair for you. Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing you soon at our Bike Shop.


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