Backpacks for Women

I came across a very interesting topic that I had never really put a whole lot of thought into. It has to do with women specific backpacks. What exactly is a women’s specific backpack and why are they so different? After doing a little bit of research I found out what makes a backpack women’s specific. For you women reading this you might find this information to be helpful.

Backpacks made specifically for women are made for a better fit to the female body. Unlike backpacks made for men, the backpacks are made with a shorter distance between the shoulders. This helps to fit female’s narrow shoulders. The shoulder straps that are on the pack are curvier and smaller to prevent the straps from digging into the body. Since the female torso is smaller, the pack is shorter to fit the torso. This helps incredibly with the fit of the backpack. Another important piece on the backpack is that the waist belt is curved to fit the wider hips and smaller waist women have. Hopefully this information can help when the time comes for a new backpack.



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