The Importance of Layering

As the weather is getting colder the need to layer clothing is becoming more important in keeping the body warm and dry. When in the outdoors it is necessary to pay close attention to the material that your clothing is made of. One simple saying that I was taught while learning about layering clothing is “cotton kills.” This happens because cotton absorbs moisture and holds it close to the body. This moisture pulls heat away from the body increasing the chances of hypothermia in cold weather and making you uncomfortable. Layering should consist of a base layer which is a thin layer that wicks moisture away from the body and helps regulate temperature. The next layer is the insulation layer. The middle layer is the layer that actually keeps the body warm. This layer can consist of fleece, wool, or any other synthetic material that traps air to the body and also wicks moisture. The last layer is the outer layer. This layer protects you from the elements. These layers can block the wind or rain. Properly layering your clothes not only makes your outdoor experience a better one it can also save your life.


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