Come to our Open House

The week of our open house has finally arrived. On Thursday November 12, 2009 from 4:00 to 7:00 pm Peak Adventures Challenge Center will open its doors once again for an evening of fun, climbing, challenges and games. The experienced staff will be there to help get you into a harness, belay as you climb, and it only costs $5 per person. Talk about a deal!

The Challenge Center has a rock wall, cargo net, platforms to jump off of, and cables to walk across. You can find an activity for all fitness levels, all ages, and interests. Pre-registration is encouraged because we want you to get some prizes too. All of you who register in advance will be entered to win a special prize- A snowshoe trip for 2 for the upcoming season. Just stop by the Peak Adventures office and sign up. You can just come by and pay at the door too, but that won’t get you that prize.

I know a lot of you walk by the Challenge Center muttering “I want to try that,” and your opportunity has finally arrived. This event is open to the public so be sure to bring your friends and family!

Please call the Peak Adventures office if you have any questions. 916.278.6321



Eunice said…
I will so be there!
FuN TiMeS aHeaD said…
I've already signed up. That free trip is mine!!
Good to hear! We are looking forward to seeing you guys out there!

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