Rafting with Sac State Orientation Leaders

I can't remember how many times I have guided this group (which changes yearly) of Sac State Orientation leaders. Historically every time has been amazing. The job of the orientation leaders is to be open and inviting to incoming students to Sac State. This requires a very outgoing personality willing to have fun. That is what makes a great day on the river. Once again they were ready to have fun and experience what the river has for them.

We started off at noon with 25 people filling up 4 boats. These large trips are amazing with a splash fight seconds away. When you have a larger quantity of boats on a trip, you get to see your friends go through rapids before or after you do, and possibly laugh or cheer them on. This is what this group did.

The hot weather, cool water, and great people made the day. Everyone seemed to get along with each other as if they were long time friends (maybe they weren't but they were going to be after this trip). The entire day went smooth, which is difficult to pull off with a group this large and the logistics of such a trip. I have always looked forward to this trip every year, and I am already looking forward to the next one. Thank you Orientation Leaders! You were just as key to the successful day as well as the fellow staff members that helped!


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