Climb the Rock

Welcome to the beginning of summer! A beautiful day, a great group of people, some first timers and some returning for a second helping of basic rock climbing, including two couples, an English professor from our very own Sac State and two newbie’s excited about diving into a new endeavor. What could be better, except maybe the amazing view! Our half-mile hike down to Cosumnes River Gorge was the perfect warm-up before a great day of climbing. Dodging Poison Oak and gaining a lesson on how to recognize it in the future from our fearless leader Brad was certainly a plus as well. (There were no cases of Poison Oak attacks I am proud to say). We were the first to arrive at the spot ready to climb but before doing anything else, we took in the view while we stretched. There was definite bonding and new friends were made. Sunscreen and water became our best friends as the day went on. We all challenged ourselves with encouragement from everyone else. Some of us bounded up the rocks as others worked strategically to discover the art of rock climbing. The chimney was our escape from the smoldering heat, which was not taken for granted seeing as our original plan to take a dip in a swimming whole was fudged due to unexpected high waters and quick rapids. By the end of the day we were all exhausted and ready to head home after a perfect day of climbing. As we hiked back up to the van, we passed a number of other climbers surrounding the rocks. Sweating and panting and having just finished my last drop of water, I was certainly glad to be heading out and leaving the sun and it’s beating rays to the later-risers.


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