Committing to success

Many of us are afraid to commit. However, it's commitment that pushes us toward success. I see this every time I run "The Dive" (AKA "The Leap of Faith") a high ropes element on our Challenge Center. "The Dive" basically consists of a plank 40 feet high that one jumps from to a trapeze roughly 8ft from the plank. By no means is anyone forced to try to go for the trapeze. But I've seen this element hundreds of times and am convinced that the only ones who succeed in grabbing onto the trapeze are those who commit. Sure there is another necessity for success - ability. But even those with ability don't always make it. I've seen a perfectly health and fit 200 pound 6 foot 5 athlete not make the trapeze even after he told everyone around him that he was going to. He had ability but lacked commitment. He gave up before he even leaped. How do I know this? He had one hand on his harness rope when he leaped for the trapeze. His attempt was not full commitment. If he had used both strong healthy arms, his chances of accomplishing his goal and boast would have been much higher. This metaphor has taught me, and I hope you, a great lesson for the goals we set in our own lives. We need more than just ability for success, we need commitment.


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