Rafting opener for 2010

A group of student government and student club representatives from Modesto Junior College, participated in team building activities the day before. Now, it was time to put their teamwork in a real activity…… whitewater rafting! I discussed the goals and expectations that the group had with their team lead on the challenge course and knew that rafting would be an excellent follow up activity.
The weather threatened to rain on us in the days leading up to the trip. Eighteen participants were not scared of Mother Nature and everyone donned his or her armor (wetsuits and splash tops that we provided) and off we set. The water was perfect, and so was the weather. This group was not about to let anything dampen their fun. I could tell that the group was willing to enjoy anything we offered, and they replied with laughter and smiles.
I could not believe the weather. It was perfect! It was comfortable with hardly any breeze. The best part is, the previous weather reports scared everyone off the river. We only saw one kayaker and one other raft all day. I always appreciate the serenity that a river can provide, the blank canvas of wilderness adventure. The river was flowing almost 2.5 times the normal flow rate, and presented some amazing rapids at Satan’s Cesspool, Haystacks Canyons, and Hospital Bar. Joel, a recent addition to our staff came for a ride in my boat and he was able to snap some amazing pictures of our group alone on the river. We made it through the “gorge” unscathed with adrenaline pinning smiles on our faces. The end was near and although we made it with out a drop of rain, the clouds started to look ominous.
Just as our boats were loaded on the trailer at the end of the day, and people were stepping on the bus, it started to rain - we made it in time. The drive back to camp was filled with laughter and jokes. This ride was loud and I can always tell the “fun factor” of the river with the energy that fills the bus. Back at camp, myself and the other guides started stowing the rafts and gear. My favorite part is at the end when the group comes back to thank us for the ride down the river, and we thank them. If it wasn’t for them, we couldn’t have been on the water ourselves. They definitely fit the equation for a great day…… great group + great water = a great day!


Great pictures..i can see that these kids are having a lot of fun ^_^. well this is perfect time for outing of this group.

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