Why I Love Working Here…

Last Friday was my birthday and I had scheduled myself a pretty stress-free day; no meetings, no deadlines, and no programs on the course. I was working along just fine on my computer writing contracts for upcoming programs and had 10 minutes until my lunch break and BOOM! My computer wouldn’t let me create anymore PDF’s! I.T. came down to help but it ran into my lunch time. Then, I get a message that there is a problem with a client at the Challenge Center and I was the only one around that could deal with it. All I could think was, “Not on my birthday…all I want to do is go to lunch!”
Finally my computer was fixed so I hopped in the golf cart and rode out to the course. The teacher of the students pulled me over and said, “I need to talk to you.” I was putting on my professional face and started mentally preparing how I was going to calm his anger, when all of a sudden he put his arm around me and began the best version of “Happy Birthday” I have ever heard in my life! The whole group joined in (Thank you Grant High Criminal Justice Academy). I noticed that the ropes course staff was missing and thought how odd it was that they weren’t around singing too.
And then I saw it….water balloons, a ton of them. I booked out of there as fast as I could, but they got me…and got me good! Now some people would hate that, but I know it was just the staff showing me some birthday love. There must have been some serious planning behind this prank as well. They all know how much I love the attention. Thanks guys and I love you all! Just remember: Payback is a….well… it’s not nice.


Ruby said…
Wow! What a crazy brithday! It sounds like you had a great day even after all the drama. Way to keep your spirits up :)
Napoleon said…
I am so jealous that you get to ride in a golf cart for work ... lucky!

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