My new favorite website

During the past few months I have been on the lookout for online teambuilding resources for our leaders. About mid-summer I stumbled upon This website has the potential for greatness! It is set up in the same format as (which is currently my favorite website) and is a great resource of activities for ropes courses, summer camps, the classroom or even a board meeting.
There are lots of activities on this site that include icebreakers, energizers, trust activities, puzzles and teambuilding initiatives. You can search the site by category, group size, or even add your own game. All games are easy to read and formatted the same. There is also the option for variations or you can add your own edits.
Although I really like this website, there just aren’t that many activities. Their missions is “to become the world's largest collection of resources (e.g. warm-ups, icebreakers, and other group facilitation and training activities) to facilitate teamwork, teambuilding, and community.” They are far from being the largest collection, but if we all helped by adding new activities as we learned them, this site could quickly meet its mission.
My favorite activity is called Elephants in Denmark. Look it up and try it on your friends. They’ll be amazed by your ability to read their minds.


Melody said…
I checked out the site you recommended and it is a great as you describe. will be a wonderful resource for my summer staff trainings!
Paul said…
Awesome good on this you did a great job.

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