Trail Etiquette, yes it is real!

For those of you who have been backpacking in the backcountry or just go out on day hikes, you’ll know what I am talking about. For those who have never been hiking on trails the concept may seem fairly simple. Follow the cleared area in the dirt enjoying a good view or two along the way, until you reach your destination. When out on the trail in popular areas or a few days hike into the backcountry, we all have come across other people either on foot, on horseback or mountain bikes. Even though some people don’t know about it or fail follow it, there is such a thing as trail etiquette. Here are some of the basic rules of trail etiquette that are important to follow:
1. When traveling on the trail do not take shortcuts or cut switchbacks.
2. Travel on the right side of the trail and pass on the left.
3. When stopping for a break, move off to the side of the trail on a durable surface. Do not move off the trail in a place with high vegetation. Try to avoid leaving signs that you have stopped in that location.
4. If hiking in a group on the trail, hike in a single file to limit the amount of damage to the area around the trail.
5. If hiking, yield to pack animals and bicyclists. Stop on the downhill side of the trail. It is easier for a hiker to move around than a horse, or bicyclist.
Hopefully these simple tips can help in improving your trail etiquette making for a more enjoyable experience out on the trail.


Anonymous said…
What a great post. Thanks for starting this up. Awesome resource!
Tara said…
Great Post. Very useful for those of us who are not super duper hikers and do not know all the proper way of doing things on the trail.

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