Keeping Active During Winter

The holiday season is upon us.

With all the food, family, friends, and fun you are sure to have, it is easy to become complacent, especially when the weather is bad. Don’t do it! This is a great time to rediscover your favorite hobby, travel around your area, or pick up a new sport. Go on a day hike and explore the local Northern California wildlife, traverse the elements under the stars on a Starlight Snowshoe hike, or learn how to ski and snowboard. Bring friends and family with you on your adventures. Experiences bond us, whether we realize it or not. Inherently, it is the experience that creates a venue for parallel learning, provides opportunities for abstract thinking, and sets the stage for sharing your soul with those around you. You can discover new abilities in yourself and in others while being healthy and active.

Wash those winter woes away, and be adventurous!

-Dawn Lenhart


I really like to enjoy adventures things like this. No donut adventures in peak and I will also do all of these adventures things in my next tour. But now I am enjoying my

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