In Search of Paradise

Sand Ridge Lake Backpack 8/13 - 8/15/2010

Only two hours away from the noise and commotion of Sacramento lays a majestic meadow, accurately named Castle Meadow. Along Highway 80 East toward Reno the first ski resort is Boreal, where Peak Adventures travels during the winter for Beginning Ski and Snowboard trips as well as Snowshoeing and Snow Camping trips. Last winter provided 150% snowpack, so as we set foot on the Pacific Crest Trail in August the wildflowers covered the Tahoe National Forest in an explosion of color. After a challenging hike with full backpacks we arrived to Sand Ridge Lake, a picturesque location to set camp.

The second day of our trip began with a brief dip on our private lake followed by a day hike up to the PCT to a stunning area called Paradise Lake. We swam out to a small island and soaked up the sun for while before returning to camp for one more night. What would the perfect trip be without a campfire? The group played cards next to the crackle of the fire ring, as the night sky grew darker and the stars became more apparent. Without all the light pollution from the city we were able to see a hand full of shooting stars before falling asleep. As we returned home the next day it was clear that paradise is not that far away.

John Pistotti


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