Winter Survival

The name, "winter survival class" says it all for anyone who has ever spent time in the mountains as a skier, hiking, or just playing in the snow. A sudden change in the weather, a wrong turn, or unpredictable delays can present serious demands for any winter recreationalist. This daylong class gave us the basic knowledge and skills we need to protect ourselves and feel more confident in the mountains.
We met our guide on April 13th as planned in a snowy parking lot, and headed off on snowshoes to learn and practice new skills and techniques. The trail was our classroom as we discussed how to read the weather and conditions, along with other special considerations for decision-making in the cold months. Our group included novices, and with others with more experience, but the lessons were useful for all, as we considered the challenges cold temperatures.
Food, clothing, and shelter were all covered in various ways during the course. We built snow caves after learning about how to choose the best location and type of shelter. On the comfort of insulated pads we had carried in, we ate our lunches and considered the challenges and options for an afternoon without those luxuries. The group all had a chance to try fire-building, making use of a variety of tools that our guide had helped us select before the trip.
After a full day blessed with sunshine on the deep snows of Hope Valley, we felt the mountain chill as dusk quickly approached and we headed back to the highway. We were thankful that while we learned about the special challenges of low temperatures and short days, we had brought proper equipment and learned its uses. As darkness fell, the hot chocolate stashed in the Peak Adventures van made our damp clothes and tired hands irrelevant. We also contemplated the valuable lessons we had learned for future trips and how much more prepared we already were.


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