Rainy Adventure

Despite forecasts of certain torrential rain, seven brave women showed up bright and early at the Peak office to start a day of exploring Mt. Tamalpais State Park. Everyone was excited to visit a new area and get out of the valley. We made it about 45 minutes outside of Sacramento before it started raining heavily. Betty, our fearless trip lead, drove us carefully through the rain to the ranger station where we donned our rain jackets, pants, and hats in an attempt to stay dry on our 4 mile hike. The beautiful trees in the beginning of the hike provided some cover from the downpour but as the trail opened into a meadow we all lost our race against the imposing water. On a clear day, the meadow provides views of the Pacific but on our cloudy day we could only hear the rolling waves. The rain didn’t let up for the entire three and a half hours we were adventuring and thus provided lovely “chocolate milk waterfalls” for us to climb past. We all made it safely over the famed Mt. Tam ladder and even managed a few cute photos! The rain made it tough to stop for a lunch break so we ate a few snacks and kept barreling down the trail.

Arriving at the van after 1000 miles of elevation change we were all wet and tired but fully satisfied with our adventure! It’s not often you get brag about spending a day battling the elements!



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