Peak Adventures goes on a ride

The weather was perfect. It was nice sunny day with a slight breeze to keep the temperature tolerable. The hills were still green from all the spring rain we have had. We made it to the stables just in time to eat our lunch and prepare ourselves for the 2-hour tour (Gilligan’s Island reference aside). There was a VERY large group ahead of us and we found out that they were 45 min. behind schedule. This gave us the chance to tour the visitor’s center and view the local fauna and wildlife. The 45 min. flew by as we chatted about everyone’s impending finals coming up.

Soon enough it was our turn to mount the steeds and tour the countryside. Unfortunately there weren’t enough horses for myself to go with our group and I left them in the hands of the stable guides who entertained us as everyone got situated on their horse. As each participant mounted their horse they became one with the horse (actually they were told that their name was the name of the horse to make communication easier with the stable guides). My co-guide and myself snapped some pictures as they trotted off the horizon, and a wild turkey strutted around the stables as if he owned the place (since the horses were gone).

When they returned smiles were attire. When everyone dismounted and got some water to replenish, I started the van to get the AC comfortable for the drive home. We stopped half way home to grab quick refreshments and they were still talking about their trip, but by the time we saw Sacramento off in the horizon, heads were nodding off as the days adventure caught up with all of us.



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