Boreal - Learn to Ski and Snowboard Trip

Learn to Ski or Snowboard at Boreal


Learning to ski or snowboard can seem like an overwhelming goal. Our van-full of new skiers and boarders talked about the challenge as we headed up to Donner Summit on I-80. While it felts like there are a lot of obstacle, but Peak Adventures leads the participants through the process, providing guidance and allowing everyone a chance to focus on the fun of downhill snow sports.

The weather, clothes, equipment, and transportation can seem out of reach for those with little experience. As a leader I try to teach the benefits of layered clothing and good planning. The participants usually bring a variety of options from their own wardrobe for possible changes in the weather, and to see what works best for each of them.

On my last trip, true to form for Northern California winter fun, the newscasts had shown a wild winter storm midweek, but by the weekend were enjoying temperatures in the mid forties. Although we prepared for sub-zero weather, we peeled off layers of clothing as the group practiced on the sunny ski hill during the afternoon.

Our van made its way into the mountains and back very smoothly because the snowplows had completely cleared the highway before we arrived. We are always prepared for changes, but checking the weather predictions helps us plan for our best approach and timing.

After arriving in the mountains, we all moved directly into the resort, got equipped with skis or a snowboard, and took right off into the morning lessons with professional teachers.

Our groups are diverse, often including college freshman, exchange students, siblings, parents, and community members. Each person chooses how they want to participate and at what level, understanding their own fitness, and how they want to challenge themselves that day.

The ride home is often hushed by exhausted skiers and boarders, smiling at the stories shared about their first day, knowing they will return with new skills to ski or board again on the mountain. Pleased that they have challenged themselves in a new way.

Submitted by Tom Higgins


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